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Scam Notice

We have become aware of notices being mailed to our members referring to a recently closed mortgage you may have with Franklin-Oil Region Credit Union. It will ask you to call a phone number to discuss a matter of importance.  These notices are not from Franklin-Oil Region Credit Union. If you receive a notice like this, do not call the number.  It is a scam!

How does this happen?

Many records become public information after you move or close on a home loan. That means that any interested party may be able to access certain details from a real estate loan through public records. After fraudsters have this information, they use it to impersonate a financial institution that reaches out to you, saying they need to discuss an important matter.

Here are some signs to watch out for letting you know it is a scam:

There is no clear indication of who the notice is from.

On the bottom of the notice, you will see “All information is obtained only through public records and not provided by any lender.”   Any communications from Franklin-Oil Region Credit Union would clearly state as such.

You will notice a Mortgage ID number displayed that is not affiliated in any way with any accounts you may have with Franklin-Oil Region Credit Union.

You receive information about your mortgage in something other than a sealed first-class letter.

The phone number displayed does not match any Franklin-Oil Region Credit Union phone number.

Do you feel you may have been a victim of this type of scam?  

Please call us today at 1.800.730.7771 so we can help determine any steps necessary to safeguard your funds and your personal information. 

As your advocate, Franklin-Oil Region Credit Union would never send you a notice like this. All communications regarding your personal accounts would be sent through first class mail in sealed envelopes, through email personally addressed to you, or by direct phone calls.

One of the most important things you can do is to be aware of recent scams and recognize the warning signs. The Federal Trade Commission is an excellent resource for learning safety tips, filing complaints, and reporting fraud. Visit for more information.